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You're an exception to the rule, you're a bonafied rarity

Lots of randomness...

- I can't see out of my right eye very good at the moment. It's weird and I can't figure out why.
- I took a rather long nap today. Refreshing. It probably would have been longer... but people kept calling me and waking me up.
- I just found out that Armor for Sleep is coming to the Social on the 12th... Britt, Andi, Ann... we are SO going, yes? Next Thursday. (Oh Yeah!)
- FSU this weekend!! Leaving Friday, driving Paige back up with us (us being Jan and I). Ah, I'm excited. Yes, we're actually going this time. No more saying that we're going to, and then not... because we're definitely doing it! Paige, Matt... you better show us a good time! =) Edit: Matt is going to be out of town. Sad. =(
- Jan and I actuallly went to 1st period today. Crazy, huh? We decided to go in to Mr. Handley's and make some cool stuff. I didn't finish my little candle holder because I'm slow.
- So far I'm doing good on this going to school this whole week thing (unless you count 1st period... which I don't!)
- I somehow managed to BS my way through my outline for English... which means hopefully I won't fail this semester.
- Everytime I wear my Flagler sweatshirt to school (like today), people always ask me if I'm going there. I then get to proudly smile and say yes. I get more and more excited every day.
- I took the most impossible Family Law test today. It sucked... a lot, and I'm more than positive that I failed. Even the smartest people in that class thought it was horrible. Oh great.
- I decided not to bake cookies today because I didn't want to do it by myself again. So instead I went to McDonalds with Andy and all of those crazy kids.
- I went with Kyle to the store today to help him pick out flowers to give to Brittany. So cute. They had tulips... and they made me happy. They also had these gorgeous bright pinkish-purplish roses, but they only had those in a vase, so he didn't get them. The light pink were still a very good choice.
- Dylan was MIA today. That made me sad because I missed my Dylan hug. =(
- Now since we're leaving Friday... I can't go to Rob's Friday night. Now I'm sad. =( Sorry hun.
- I think I'm obsessed with this song. Beautiful.
- Jan is 99% definitely coming with us to Italy!! (some stuff with the flights still needs to get worked out) Holy crap, I'm so excited. I was excited before, but now that she's coming... it's like excitement in double time!
- I don't think I can complain about anything in my life right now. Everything is going good... and I'm completely happy. I love all of my friends.
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