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Gah... everyone stop it! Just forget about everything. We're all friends. Things shouldn't be like this. Just stop. Enough drama. We all realize that some lines may have been crossed, and some feelings may have been hurt... but it's getting old.

Dylan - I know you are probably not appreciated as much as you should be. You're always the one that everyone goes to with their problems... and I know it's probably annoying as hell. But you don't even realize how much you've helped me, and I'm sure the same goes for everyone else. You can take time from yourself... but don't completely seclude yourself from everyone. It's just making things more tense. You can still be with yourself without being completely by yourself. Don't talk about your problems through lj... let people know in person.

Lynzie - I know that you really care about Jan... but I think we all let things go a little too far. I know she appreciates us sticking up for her, but I don't think things would have gotten as bad if we hadn't all said everything that we did. It's not just you... she wants us all to just let it go.

Marnie - Not really sure what problem you have with it, but we all need to stop being retarded.

Jan - I can see where everyone is coming from with this situation. We were all there for you non-stop, always listening to your problems, talking to you on the phone when you called us up crying, sticking up for you... but then when we try to help with things you get all defensive like our opinions don't matter. Things did go too far and a lot of what was said shouldn't have been. I think we're just all burnt out from giving advice and telling you how we feel because this has dragged on for so long. I know sometimes I feel a little like my advice didn't matter to you because you still went against everything I said, so I'm thinking that everyone else might feel the same. If you stop talking about it, maybe everyone else will too.

Anyone else - same goes for you.

Seriously, it's getting ridiculous. Stop talking about it in your live journals... stop talking about it at school... just STOP talking about it all together. We need to all take our pride, throw it out the window and stop being dumb. This goes for me as well. Just stop talking about it and I think everything will be fine. This is the last time I'm saying anything about this. We have 108 days to make the most of our time together. Just think about that...
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