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I hate to have 3 entries in one day... but my dad just told me the weirdest story. It gave me the chills. So I figured I would share. It's funny how certain things happen in life.

Just a little background before I get into this story. So my dad's side of the family isn't really that close. My grandfather passed away when my brother was one or something, so I never met him. My grandmother lives in New York and we don't get to see her that often. My dad has 3 brothers (Alan, Brian and David), but Alan passed away long before I was born. My Uncle Brian lives in Longwood, but we don't talk to him that much for a lot of reasons. My Uncle David lives in North Carolina, and we probably see/talk to him the most. Ok, that's the basics.

My grammie just had surgery today (which I could get into a whole other story, because I found out today that I have a very high risk of developing ovarian cancer when I'm older. But we won't go there). So my Uncle Dave and Uncle Brian are up in New York right now making sure she's okay and all of that. I guess they talked to my dad earlier today and told him about how they had been talking about when my grandfather passed away. My Uncle Brian was living in Sarasota at the time, and my grandfather had flown down to see him. So my uncle picked him up at the airport, and they were somewhere where there was a piano. So my grandfather played a song (no one even knew he knew how to play piano except my grammie), which was his favorite song, he closed the piano, and then had a massive stroke and died right there with my Uncle. I never knew any of this. So I guess they told my grammie about that and she was like "yeah, that was his favorite song, he played it all the time." So my uncles went to the music store today to buy a tape of that song to give it to my grammie because she likes it too. What song was it you may be wondering? It turns out that it was Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy. No one probably knows, but I like to listen to classical music sometimes... and Claire de Lune is by far my favorite classical piece. My dad knew that I love it because we went out to dinner with my grandparents at the Portofino Bay Hotel a little while back (I wrote a post about it, maybe I'll look for it a little later) and the pianist in the lobby was playing it and I made a big deal about it. I don't know, it's just a really weird coincidence. I guess it's just that Menzies in me. I never met my grandfather, and I really wish I would have gotten the chance, but now I really feel like I can have something to connect me to him. I don't know, this just really was meaningful to me.
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