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Sooo... wow, I think this song was written for me. Yeah yeah, I'm only 17 and I haven't had those "important life experiences" yet... but I think this song really sums up how I feel sometimes. If you read my one huge entry talking about my "growth" throughout high school, you might get a general understanding. It's just... yeah... the words I could never write myself.

It takes more time than I've ever had
drains the life from me
makes me want to forget
as young as I was, I felt older back then
more disciplined, stronger and certain
but I was scared to death of eternity
I was saved by grace
but destroyed by naivety
and I lied to myself
and said it was for the best
so now faith is replaced with a logic so cold
I've disregarded what I was
now that I'm older
and I know much more than I did back then
but the more I learn
the more I can't understand
and I've become content with this life that I lead
where I drink to much and don't believe in much of anything
and I lie to myself
and say "it's for the best."

we're moving forward, but holding ourselves back
and we're waiting on something that will never come
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