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I'm such a girly girl sometimes =)

I'm going to act all girly and excited for a minute. So deal with it!

I got a prom dress guys. It's cute. I got really bored, and I was tired of having to describe it to everyone... so I found a dress that's similar to it and then altered it on paint to make it look a little more like my dress. =)

Prom dress
So it basically looks like that minus the frilly stuff at the bottom. And that's a bow on the neck thing if you couldn't tell. It's cute, and I'm excited.

I also got a little black purse with a black bow on it, and then my mom and I are going to go to the store to look for the same pink ribbon to put on the purse instead of the black bow. I also got some hot shoes that match SO good. I found them and they were $60 and I was like I can deal with that... but then we got to the register and they were majorly on sale and ended up costing $20! So that's very cool. I'm getting really excited now. Limos are fun! =)

Just thought I would share. I'll make a better update tomorrow probably. Night guys.
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