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So I definitely wish I lived in New Jersey... but only April 16-18, then I could come back here. That's when the Skate and Surf Festival is, and it looks like it would be SUCH a good concert.

Friday April 16th: Brand New, The Starting Line, Coheed And Cambria, Andrew WK, Hot Rod Circuit, Piebald, The Youth Ahead, Sugarcult, Jamison-Parker, Mae, Motion City Soundtrack, Funeral For A Friend, Van Stone, Denali, Relient K, Days Away, Denver Harbor, Chronic Future, From First To Last, Silverstein, Outsmarting Simon, Stick Boy, Crime In Stereo, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Number One Fan, Weak At Best, Orange Island

Saturday April 17th: Taking Back Sunday, Finch (I've wanted to see them live for SO long!, Story Of The Year, Midtown, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Hazen Street, Against Me, Avenged Sevenfold, Underoath, Rufio, Boysetsfire, Moneen, Recover, Streetlight Manifesto, Your Enemies Friends, Northstar, Planes Mistaken For Stars, No Choice, Onelinedrawing, MC Lars, Van Stone, MorrisonPoe, Celebrity, Big Collapse, Emmanuel, The Working Title, Counterfeit, Moments In Grace, Halifax, Folly, The Wake Up Call, Washington Social Club, Lola Rey, Autopilot Off, A Thorn For Every Heart, Bear Vs. Shark, Lucky Boys Confusion, All That's Left, Camren

Sunday April 18th: Yellowcard, Something Corporate, The Bouncing Souls, Less Than Jake, Slightly Stoopid, The Early November, Boys Night Out, Homegrown, Armor For Sleep, None More Black, A Static Lullaby, Matchbook Romance, Fall Out Boy, Randy, Pepper (SO cool), Minus The Bear, A Beautiful Mistake, Sparta, Straylight Run, The Format, Local H, Van Stone, New Direxion, Nightmare Of You, The Flesh, Spitalfield, Army Of Freshmen, Descendre, Paris TX, These Enzymes, Me Without You, Strength In Numbers

If you took Brand New from Friday, and then Finch from Saturday and put them to Sunday... that would be like the ultimate freaking concert! This tour should come to Orlando, and I would be a happy happy girl. But that's not going to happen... so damn you New Jersey!
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